About Us

Ilustrasi Foto oleh Pixabay dari Pexel
Ilustrasi Foto oleh Pixabay dari Pexel

We are quiz specialists

Mangrovis is a web-based learning and teaching system developed since 2019 and launched in 2020. We are here for you to facilitate the teaching and learning process to be more flexible and dynamic.

Our Story

Starting from our anxiety as teachers who have difficulty in creating and storing questions for students, we build and manage a local website to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the classroom.

In January 2020, we distributed this work to the public in the hope that this website would be well received by the community and could improve the quality of education in order to produce outstanding students and competent teacher.

We created this website with perspectives from the teacher and student. Hence, it can provide a sense of comfort and useful features according to the needs of teachers and students.

Why Mangrovis ?

Mangrovis is short for "Mangrove" and "Quiz". We take the name "mangrove" to take the philosophy of the mangrove tree which has many benefits to the ecosystem.

Ilustrasi pohon bakau. Foto oleh Tom Fisk dari Pexel
Ilustrasi pohon bakau. Foto oleh Tom Fisk dari Pexel

The benefits of joining Mangrovis

For Teacher

  1. Can create both public and private question bank
  2. Can create exams and quizzes both online and printed
  3. Can create learning material
  4. Can create online class and online school

For Student

  1. Can collect favorite questions
  2. Can register in the class according to your preference
  3. Can read learning material provided by the teacher
  4. Can take a regular try-out and exclusive try-out

You mean the world to us

We will certainly provide the best service to users. We always look at input from clients and try our best to provide maximum satisfaction to clients. If you have anything to ask, please contact us here.