Privacy Policy

About Our Privacy Policy

Mangrovis is a media that is engaged in education. We would like to create a means for students and teachers to carry out technology-based teaching and learning activities.

As for the use of our services, you will share some information with us. Here, we feel it is necessary for you to know what information we will collect and why we collect it. Therefore, we summarize the explanation as simple as possible so that you can understand our Privacy Policy.

What data do we collect ?

We collect your data when :

  • Register with Mangrovis

    When registering to Mangrovis, we will collect data including email and full name.

  • Activity when you logged in to Mangrovis

    When you log in successfully to Mangrovis, we will collect your activities such as logging in, logging out, creating questions, creating articles, etc. The data collected includes the name of the activity, IP address, browser type and the date the activity happened.

  • Request assistance from our support team

    Chat between users and our team will always be recorded.

  • Exchange points for money (Teacher)

    When exchanging points with money, Mangrovis will ask for an account number (bank or Paypal Account)

  • Writing profile in account settings

    We store the data that you embed on your account profile.

  • Taking quizzes (Students)

    When students take a quiz, the questions and the answers of student will be stored as documentation

  • Buying points

    When students / teachers buy points, Mangrovis will retrieve data to process payment verification. The data taken includes the payment amount, payment reference number and payment method..

How do we use data ?

We use your data only when it's highly necessary to improve our services. We will not share your data with anyone except in certain cases.

  • To verify your account

    In order to increase security and comfort in using this website, we are required to verify email in order to minimize the people who will abuse the services on this website.

  • For the bank verification process

    We will provide bank account number or paypal account to a trusted third party to authenticate the user's legitimacy in order to use the payment gateway system

  • Activity log

    User activities will be recorded to analyze user movements, analyze trends, manage websites.

How do we secure data?

We realize that privacy is everything. Therefore, we truly protect your data from irresponsible parties.

How do we share your data?

We can share your data in the following ways:

  • With other Mangrovis Users

    We can share information with other Mangrovis users, such as :

    • Information about you; such as name, username and profile photo.

    • Information that you upload; such as questions, articles, photos or videos.

    • Information about your interactions with our services; such as content that you upload, questions or content that you like.

  • With all Mangrovis users, business partners and the public user
    • Public information; such as your name, username and profile photo

    • Uploaded content that is set so that everyone can see it.

    • Content from our services that you share with other services such as Facebook or Instagram.

  • With third parties

    We may share your information with third parties, such as:

    • To service providers. We can share your information with service providers who provide our services

    • To our business partners. We can share information about you to our business partners who provide services and benefits for us.

    • To third parties for legal reasons and other legal reasons. We may share your information above when we believe that disclosure is required.

    We may also share your aggregated, non-personally identifiable information with third parties, such as advertisers.

Account Deletion

We hope you trust our services as we trust you. However, if you decide to delete your account, you can contact us to do it.

Changes and Revisions to Mangrovis's Privacy Policy

  • We may change or revise the contents of our privacy policy at any time, we suggest you to check this page regularly

Thank you for your trust in us. We hope to help your work better. If you have question related to our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Happy teaching and learning in Mangrovis